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Printer Profile: Toshiba Thermal Barcode Printers

Barcode labels are very important for a company that needs greater visibility into its inventory storage and movement. In the age of ever-faster movement of goods, thanks to e-commerce and digital business in general, that description fits a wide variety of organizations. Fortunately for these companies, DuraFast Labels offers a whole range of Toshiba barcode printers.

When toughness or portability is an issue, Toshiba’s line has answers.

The many differences between these printers, described below, ensure that there is an option for a number of inventory management options. Companies with strict speed and volume needs can meet those requirements, and when the toughness or portability of the printer is an issue, Toshiba’s line has answers for those requirements as well. There are four basic categories of Toshiba thermal barcode label printers:


The heavy-duty, high-speed industrial barcode printers are meant to handle the toughest tasks companies throw at them. When the need for both speed and volume is acute, as in warehouses or the logistics industry, these printers can step up to the task. Printers in this category include the sturdy, metal-framed B-EX4T1 and the wide format SX5T, SX6T and SX8T, capable of printing 5, 6 and 8-inch labels, respectively.


The mid-range is made up of slightly smaller printers, ideal for use in tracking assets, documents and shipments. Within this segment of the Toshiba catalog are the rugged B-452TS, B-452HS and B-852, as well as the economical and high-volume BH-EX4T2. Further variation is available, with the mid-volume 4-inch-media B-SA4TP and B-SA4TM differentiated by their plastic and metal outer casing.


Not every company needs to produce labels at industrial scales and speeds. This is where the desktop printer segment enters the picture, made up of the B-FV4D and B-FV4T. The former performs direct thermal transfers and the latter is a general thermal transfer model. Sub-variations between those two printer families allow users to further customize their experiences.


For companies that need technicians to print labels on the go, to keep their shipping, inventory or other operations moving with precision, there are portable Toshiba label printers available. The B-EP2 and B-EP4 use lithium ion batteries to stay operative for a long time as employees take them into the field. The former devices uses 2-inch media, while the latter can print 4-inch labels and uses direct thermal printing.

The sheer variety of printer types available in Toshiba’s barcode printing line shows what a wide-ranging and essential part of modern business this type of labeling has become. Companies have to keep track of their items, and barcode labels help make that possible, and even easy.

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