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Why Mobile Label Printers are a Necessity Today and in a Post-COVID World

It’s no secret that the post-COVID world will be a complicated one. Some changes that were made out of necessity are likely here to stay. Mobile label printing has become an absolute necessity for most companies, especially those who have had to shut down common areas like dining rooms and lobbies. Equipping employees with mobile label printers has been a lifesaver for many companies.

Not only have restaurant workers been able to print customer order labels on demand, they can do so while moving around. It’s no longer necessary to huddle around a single computer and printer, and risk exposure to the virus. In the post-pandemic world, this is a big deal.

The same is true of warehouse staff. These workers can now label boxes, cartons, and other moving parts of the warehouse without having to return to a single area. Labels and barcodes can be printed as needed, and it’s possible for companies to track critical information about their products with mobile label printers.

The days of printing labels from one computer or label printer are over. Companies need to be able to send employees out into the world with mobile printers that will allow them to label goods, patch panels, assets, packages, and other items as needed.

Healthcare providers can use mobile label printers at vaccine clinics and testing centers to indicate a patient’s status or their release time. Since the printers are battery operated, they are perfect for large outdoor venues. Likewise, mobile label printers can be used in field during emergencies for triage situations. Mobile label printers are also useful for labeling syringes, pill bottles, medical instruments as well as for printing barcodes on patient records.

Today’s mobile label printers can fit in a pocket, so they are easy to transport. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to quickly and easily print the labels they need, without having to deal with wires or cables. Direct thermal models are especially popular as they do not require inks or toners. Simply insert a roll of direct thermal labels and print.

If color is needed, we recommend using a thermal transfer mobile printer with a colored ribbon or flood-coated direct thermal labels which have colored backgrounds or accents like bars or frames. Another option is the Epson WorkForce EC110 wireless color mobile printer. This inkjet-based mobile printer prints 8.5″ x 14″ labels with a print resolution of 1400 dpi. It’s a great choice for those who need color labels and barcodes in a mobile environment.

In warehouses, hospitals, and other areas where the virus has been a problem, mobile label printers have become an absolute necessity for everyday work life. Mobile label printers save companies time and money, making them an absolute necessity in today and in the future’s post-COVID world. Check out our selection of mobile printers today.

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