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Variable Data Printing Powers Great Label Creation

Variable data printing for labels is a fancy name for a straightforward process with clear uses for small businesses today. When deciding which combination of label printer and software will work for a particular company, it’s worth taking a moment to consider whether there are any use cases that would improve with the introduction of variable labels.

Potential Uses

The following are a few of the projects accomplished through variable data printing, putting this technology to work in solving business problems:

  • Sequential numbering: Putting a unique sequence of numbers on each label a company prints can deliver a few valuable advantages. For instance, if businesses want to make their items individually traceable to prevent counterfeiting or help with potential recalls, this technique makes applying those serial numbers part of the labeling process rather than a separate step. Alternately, companies can individually number their limited-edition items to let customers know those products are special and drive demand.
  • Personalized content printing: Customers may be thrilled to see that the packages of products have been customized just for them. Putting unique text or imagery on every item that rolls off the production line can add a unique and impressive touch to a business’s offerings.

An Impressive Printer Lineup

Variable data printing software is available for several of the powerful printers available from DuraFast Label. Adding one of these assets to a company’s headquarters removes the need for the recurring costs and reduced control of third-party printing:

  • Afinia L801: For $7,995, businesses can get a printer that is fast, affordable to run and highly versatile. Labeling products from cosmetics to food to alcoholic beverages becomes an easy, in-house process with is printer.
  • Afinia R635: Instead of simply serving as a printer, the R635 is a fully featured label press. Companies that run their own bottling or packaging facilities can install this asset to quickly and efficiently label their goods.
  • UniNet iColor 700 and 900: Instead of inkjet inks, these printers run on toner – that makes it great for creating labels with unparalleled sharpness and depth of color, all with less expensive consumable materials.
  • iSys Edge 850 and Apex 1290: These color label presses are powerful assets for companies with a need for advanced label applications, They are capable of quick output, with materials and inks compliant with British Standard 5609, as required for high-priority chemical labels.

No matter the kind of business interested in variable data printing, whatever its price range or particular industry, there is a printer or press that will suit its in-house labeling needs. Find out more on Durafast Label’s U.S. web store or Canadian page.

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