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Label Printers Should Be Paired with Top Software

When companies bring their labeling in-house, they gain a new independence and the ability to exert great control over their products’ appearance. In a marketplace where organizations are judged by the visual impact of their items on shelves, taking as much responsibility for aesthetic decisions as possible could be a great decision.

The finished look of labels will rely on both the hardware and the software.

Leaders just have to ensure that when they turn to their own printers rather than outsourced service providers, they don’t sacrifice quality.

The finished look of their new labels will rely on both the hardware and the software they employ, and that’s where the Epson TM-C7500GE enters the picture. The “GE” stands for graphics edition, and it comes with the powerful Wasatch SoftRIP raster image processor (RIP) software.

Software Matters

Wasatch SoftRIP allows its users to get great-looking results from their print jobs. Effective processes leads to more precise color reproduction, smooth and attractive gradients and workflows that will allow teams to manage label production up to high standards. Larger companies or those that need to create labels on an industrial scale can even use SoftRIP to coordinate up to four printers at once.

When it comes to variable printing, SoftRIP supports integration with software tools that translate information from spreadsheets onto the labels themselves. Customized label-printing operations, completely in-house, are possible with the TM-C75000GE and its bundled software.

Getting up to speed with new programs can be daunting, but that’s not the case with SoftRIP. The solution comes with six months of technical support from Wasatch, included in the cost of the package.

The Best Printer Option

While having the right software for the job is obviously a boon in printing labels that work for a company, the equation hinges on having a good printer. Epson’s hardware is up to the task, printing at 1200 dpi, 11.7 inches per second. It is fast enough to keep high-volume demands met, and prints on glossy stock that gives products a professional sheen.

Organizations using this printer can gain the control that comes with in-house operations without their packaging seeming makeshift or unprofessional. On-site service for one year adds to the value included in the GE package, and business-owners can rest easy knowing that their transition to printing their own labels won’t fall prey to unexpected tech hiccups.

To get a closer look at this printer and see how it could help your organization thrive, you can check out DuraFast’s U.S. web store or its equivalent Canadian page.

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