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Canadian Companies: Get in Hazard Labeling Compliance

The transition is underway to Canada’s new Hazardous Products Regulations (HPR), implementing the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The new regulations won’t be coming into force as early as expected, however.

The government recently pushed the first compliance deadline back, for manufacturers and importers, to June 1, 2018. This reprieve doesn’t mean firms should ignore the issue, however. If your business produces any items that need hazardous product labeling, it’s time to get in line with the new standards and be prepared for the change.

New System Incoming

Companies familiar with U.S. regulations may recall that the same kind of rolling transition to GHS labeling happened when that country made the switch in 2012. That said, the government warned that companies must take care to read the Canadian regulations carefully. Thanks to GHS use, requirements are now similar in the U.S. and Canada, but they’re not necessarily the same. It’s your duty to ensure your products have the correct labeling for their country.

In the transitional period, which will last until the end of May, 2018, you have to search out a new labeling system for any of your products that are classified as hazardous under government rules. Authorities are using this year to internally synchronize their regulatory processes. This is also your chance to ensure that all of your new products comply by June 1, 2018. If you haven’t done so yet, it’s time to search out a means of label printing for a new GHS-compliant world.

Time to get compliant with Canadian labeling laws.

Printers that Comply

If you do your labeling in-house, it’s critical that your company have adequate printers, printing stock and software to handle the task. This is where DuraFast Labels comes in. We offer a variety of different printers that can bring your products in line with government regulations, in addition to the approved materials and inks that will keep the assembly line turning.

For example, DuraFast sells three different Epson printers that can help you get in compliance, each targeting a different kind of label printing. The TM-C3500 is the standard for high-speed, high-dpi printing.

The larger TM-C7500 is more suitable for high-volume situations, when you have many products to get out the door in a hurry. The GP-C831 is specifically meant for drum label printing, capable of producing tough labels that stand out to chemicals or salt water.

For information on the aforementioned printers and more, and to learn about the software that you can use to manage your label printing operations, check out DuraFast’s Canadian website.

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