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The School Year’s Coming: Get Your University a Credential Printer

When students return to campuses for the 2017-2018 academic year, college administrators will have to keep track of the students, faculty visitors and others with access to various areas of the school.

A need for security on campus combined with the simple value of good organization seems to demand that universities find optimal ways to issue credentials. This is where it pays for colleges to have their own credential printers at on-campus locations.

While there are year-round uses for a credential printer, the start of a new school year is a great time to purchase such an asset. The feeling of a fresh start and the massive uptick in activity around the campus make September special. The following are a few departments around the school that may benefit from the use of a credential printer – or demand one of their own.


Departments responsible for managing sports venues on campus have ample use for a credential printer. Press passes, VIP credentials and more are easily made right on-site, meaning it’s easy to point people to where they need to be.

Furthermore, when using the stadium as a venue for campus events or even concerts or festivals open to the public, the credential printer can be pressed into service as a way of delineating different access levels.

Security is key at sporting events and organization is essential. High-quality credential printers that let athletics departments create photo IDs on demand answer both demands. Furthermore, these credentials can roll off the printer in team colors with the school’s logo displayed for all to see.

College sports stadiums are great venues for high-quality credential printing.


When people are guests on a campus, touring the location or attending an event, credentials are a great way to keep everyone organized, quickly introducing participants and their guides to one another. As with the athletics department, these badges can benefit from a bit of school spirit, letting prospective students and their parents get used to the university’s colors.


As the alumni organization draws up plans for an on-campus reunion, it can fire up the credential printer to create the badges for the event. These can display names and years of graduation to help alums find their old groups, and to ensure that the names on the guest list match the people who turn up. Even last-minute RSVPs can receive badges – having an on-campus credential printer means printing on demand.

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