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Printer Profile: Compare the iSys Apex 1290 and Edge 850

Two different applications of the same basic technology: That’s what buyers get from the iSys Apex 1290 Color Laser Label Press and the iSys Edge 850 Color Laser Label Press. Both devices are capable of printing high-quality, durable labels, and both support materials that comply with British Standard 5609, the stringent requirement in place in the chemical production industry.

The main difference between these two presses, and the one that will determine which is right for your company, is the size of the media they print on. The Edge 850 is the smaller and lower-priced of the pair. It can print on label stock up to 8.5 inches wide. On the other hand, the large Apex 1290 accepts 12.9-inch media.

A Suite of Options

The two flagship iSys printers share a host of interesting features that can make them into reliable standbys for many kinds of businesses. For instance, it’s possible to modify the Apex 1290 and the Edge 850 to print with white toner. In this mode, a white ink cartridge is used in place of black, and the printer becomes able to print labels with white backgrounds, graphics, text and more.

Both printers are also compatible with variable data printing software. This means that with the right program in place, your company can print different data on every label. Using such a system, you can easily create identifying labels for regulated products that face traceability requirements and need individual serial numbers.

The feeder and rewinder systems integrated into the iSys printers feed media smoothly into the printers, which move at an impressive speed of 30 feet per minute. The materials supported by the printers include the tough substances required by BS5609, meaning the devices are worth considering, even for manufacturers in the tough and heavily regulated chemical industry.

Time to Decide

When you pick between these two impressive printers, you’re essentially selecting a preferred width. The smaller media used by the Edge 850 will be acceptable for some companies. Others will want to print the wide-format labels that the Apex 1290 offers – or create space-maximized sheets of smaller labels. Sensitive to the varying needs and budgets of small businesses today, iSys produces both types of printers, and each is available from DuraFast Label Company, alongside offerings from a wide variety of other manufacturers, which range from affordable tabletop models to industrial-speed presses.

To learn more about the Edge 850, click here for our U.S. store or here for the Canadian version. The Apex 1290 is here for U.S. shoppers and here for Canadian customers.

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