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Building Your Brand By Printing Your Own Color Labels

Brand Images in Color

Whether you run a small business or a global enterprise, everything you produce reflects on your company’s identity. This includes your product packaging and labels. Unless your brand’s colors are just black and white, you’ll want to seriously consider investing in a color label printer.

Having your own color label printer frees you from the expense of purchasing pre-printed color labels from a third party, and if you choose wisely, you’ll be impressed with the print quality, durability, speed, and versatility available. For example, printers from the Epson ColorWorks family like the Epson TM-C3500, Epson TM-C7500G, or the new Epson CW-C6500 offer an outstanding value and professional quality, full color results.

Once you have a color printer, the branding possibilities are endless. These printers allow you to print color labels as well as tags, cards, name badges and wristbands. For example, you could print your own:

  • Color shipping and address labels with your logo
  • Inspected by labels with a color photo of the employee or QA team
  • Branded product labels and tags
  • Branded logistics labels
  • Barcodes with a color photo of the product
  • Branded wristbands for special events
  • Branded food service labels, tickets, or receipts
  • Stickers / swag for trade shows and events
  • Durable bumper stickers
  • Custom, branded name badges for employees, vendors, and guests

Making Your Brand Stick

The ability to print custom, color labels on demand provides you with exceptional versatility. You could print a custom label at a moment’s notice! However, in order to be effective, you’ll want to make sure to use your brand’s logo, fonts, and color scheme consistently.

It’s smart to start with a basic template containing all of the branding elements and then customize it. Label design software, which is often included with your label printer, will help you to create professional layouts and templates that you can tap into whenever you need to create a new label.

It’s also smart to choose the best color label printer for your specific needs. As mentioned earlier, the Epson ColorWorks family is a great place to start with models available specifically for:

Affordable to own and operate, modern color label printers can help you build your brand and look good doing it.

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