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Keep Your Trade Show Running Smoothly with a Credential Printer

Organizing a trade show is a rewarding process that can fall off of the rails – potential bottlenecks lurk at every turn. Getting attendees in the door is one of the most challenging portions of the whole event planning structure. Unless you have a quick and efficient way to give each visitor his or her credentials, the convention experience will rapidly deteriorate.

The most flexible way to handle credential printing is to do it yourself on hardware meant for the job. Outsourcing means you can’t print last-minute badges or make changes – once the conference is underway, it’s too late to place an order. Furthermore, if you make badges on a conventional printer, you lose access to valuable features, from built-in security elements to size and material choices.

Work at Trade Show Speed

The same piece of hardware can accommodate all types of guests.

Good credential printers combine volume and speed. This means that whether you print all the passes for your convention far in advance or create individual credentials on the spot as people arrive, you’ll be able to handle the situation.

Even if you run a flexible registration system, allowing both early sign-ups and at-the-door entry, the same piece of hardware can accommodate both types of guests.

Dedicated credential printers allow you to work with your choice of materials, from paper to PVC. Furthermore, extra features such as holograms can ensure that your passes are distinctive and hard to counterfeit. When you use a printer that supports high resolutions, you can also include photographs of attendees for identification purposes, alongside distinctive QR or barcodes to act as a ticketing system.

Badges can also be used to distinguish different categories of attendees. VIPs, presenters, and people who have paid for admission to special side events within the convention can each get their own credentials, with scanable codes and distinctive looks that let staff members know at a glance whether people are cleared to enter certain areas. Organization, clarity and smooth operations are the goals here.

Find a Printer That’s Up To The Task

If you frequently host trade shows or other industry gatherings, it can pay to have your own credential printer. When considering which model to purchase, you should make sure to inspect the SwiftColor SCC4000D. This oversized credential printer uses single-pass printing to produce individual badges in a matter of seconds.

This means that whether you’re creating credentials one at a time or in a huge group, the process will be fast and efficient. You can learn more about this useful asset on our U.S. website or our Canadian page.

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