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Epson 7500 GE Advantage: A Printer with Peace of Mind

A company owning its own industrial label printers is a great way to assume greater control over the creation and application of high-quality labels, with no need to work with outside partners every time products need labeling.

That said, there are normally some worries that come with bringing label printing in-house: What if the hardware breaks down? From thios perspective, having control of assets could come with a few worries.

This is where the Epson TM-C7500GE shows its value. This printer, unique among its price range, comes with a year of on-site service for companies in the U.S. or Canada. This means Epson technicians will deal with issues and ensure peace of mind.

All the Freedom, None of the Risk

Fear of possible hardware issues is likely one of the factors that could tip the scales away from printing labels on-site. When the printers are protected by on-site service, however, this changes. The Epson service plan, included with the printer at its base cost, covers a year. With the option to upgrade to as many as four years, there is no reason to worry.

Epson technicians stay on site for two days when their services are needed. Getting this kind of attentive service as part of a printer’s low sticker price is a unique value proposition. Hardware repairs ad the resulting peace of mind can have significant value for companies, especially because labeling is an essential part of producing items. If this breaks down, the company has to slow its operations.

The “GE” in TM-C7500GE stands for “graphics edition” and means the printer comes with helpful Wasatch SoftRIP software. This program gives businesses unparalleled control over the colors and gradients available for their labels. Businesses are judged on the quality of their products’ packaging, and label printing is a key element of the puzzle.

In keeping with the “peace of mind” theme, the software also has free support, for six months in its case.

Printer repairs on demand answer any possible hardware worries.

The right printer for companies

While reliability and repairs are one side of the equation, the raw quality of a printer is another. The TM-C7500GE delivers, with the ability to ramp up and handle volume, but not at the expense of quality. Getting professional quality with all the long-term independence of in-house operations is achievable with this printer, along with the similar TM-C75000G, although the latter lacks the bundled SoftRIP software.

You can inspect and purchase this complete printing package at our U.S. site or on our Canadian page, and remember that Epson’s technicians work in both the U.S. and Canada.

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