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3 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Product Label

3 Easy Ways to Revamp Your Product Label

A product label is the first impression your brand makes on customers. It should be representative of your voice and used to further your business goals. Whether you’re an established manufacturer, or just entering a retail market, it’s important to understand the easy changes that can have a big impact on your product label.

Changing Your Label for a Competitive Edge

Some businesses that have had success with a distinguished marker may be hesitant to make modifications, but a new product label doesn’t always mean a complete design overhaul. If your competitors are also changing their labels, or it’s just been a while since a new style has been revealed, AZ Big Media recommends it’s time to consider a redesign.

For other companies, the call to action may be more obvious. If you are noticing a decrease in sales as customers choose other brands over your own, or your mark simply does not stand out on the shelves, it’s definitely time to rethink your product label.

Continuously evaluating the competition’s presentation is the key to understanding if adapting your own mark is necessary.

A fresh label design can attract new consumers to your product, especially if they are indecisive and have no current brand loyalty.

Create a Current and Cohesive Label

Even the simplest of changes can make all the difference when it comes to product labels. In order to stand out, consider some of these easy ways to freshen up your emblem:

  1. Custom Lettering: As Sweet Startups explains, many new businesses are opting for a distinct font on their label to distinguish their brand. This can be as easy as hiring a designer to create a new font specifically for your product.
  2. Eye-Catching Color: This tactic can be used to draw customers to your product and create an emotional response. Bright colors can be as effective as a stark black and white design, just make sure you choose a scheme that is representative of your business.
  3. Illustrations: Pictures and hand-drawn images can be a great way to convey a story to consumers. A single impression on a product label is a successful approach if you want customers to quickly identify and relate to your brand.

Whether you are looking to update your label design or are looking to create your own personalized product labels, make sure you have the printing infrastructure you need by visiting DuraFast’s U.S. store or Canada page.

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