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Washington state promotes wines in air transit

While the labels that go on wine bottles are of high importance for both making a brand statement and keeping forgers at bay, there are other types of wine labels that a company should keep in mind, especially as their vintage expands and their products gain the attention of more people.

Different ares of the country might have corresponding policies regarding the way larger shipments of wine are transported. In Oregon and Washington State, as CNBC pointed out, air travelers in this region are permitted to check cases of wine as baggage for free when taking their departing flight.

Whether these kinds of policies are temporary tourism promotions or meant to be longstanding changes, it may be a good idea for packages to focus on making labels distinct, readable, and able to withstand the jostling and bouncing around that comes with travel and transportation. Though only certain locations take part in this practice, it can serve as a possible example for producers in areas that equate wine drinkers with tourists, especially in seasons of ripeness.

That’s what Charles Humble, Director of Communications and Marketing of the Oregon Wine Board, had to say about the benefits of this program.

“Tourism in many parts of our state is now incredibly linked to the wine industry and if people can come here, buy a few bottles of wine and take it home without having to pay for it to be checked, that’s a good incentive,” CNBC quoted him as saying.

Different kinds of durable wine labels can be a step that escapes some companies and are worth reviewing seriously to increase success for a brand.

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