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Creative Ways to Use QR Codes on Labels

QR Lodes

QR codes have had their ups and downs over the years but remain an effective way to enhance the customer experience. For example, product labels often have limited space, making using a QR code a great way to provide additional context. Consumers looking for more information can quickly scan the QR code and get it. Here are some creative ways you can use QR codes on labels.

  • Product training or tutorial videos — If you have product training videos or tutorials associated with your product, consider adding a QR code directly to the product packaging and/or product documentation and linking the code to your training video. This makes it easy for users to quickly launch a relevant video without having to open a web browser and type in a link.
  • Personalization — Event planners often personalize items like wine bottles, water bottles, candies, name badges, and more with their event details. Adding a QR code to wine bottle labels, name badges, and other personalized label adds an element of surprise and interactivity. For example, personalized wine bottle labels at a wedding reception could feature a QR code that launches a slide show of the couple growing up and falling in love. A QR code on a conference badge could feature bonus material or a preview from one of the keynote speakers.
  • The Latest News — You could create a QR code for your blog and include it on your product labels. No matter when a customer scans the QR code, they’d be taken to your latest blog posts.
  • Testimonials — Testimonials are a powerful sales tool. While commonly used online, your labels have limited space. However, there’s usually room for a QR code! You could either link to a webpage containing testimonials or launch a video featuring a series of video testimonials.
  • Interactive Shipping Labels — QR codes can even be included on your shipping labels. For example, if you have a strict return policy, you could link the QR code to your return policy page so that should an item arrived damaged or need to be returned for some other reason, recipients can quickly check the return policy.

QR codes aren’t just for marketing. They provide users with a quick, convenient way to get additional context.

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