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Credential Printers Help Music Festivals or Concerts Run Smoothly

To keep a large-scale music festival or concert safe and on-schedule, organizers need a way to quickly set crew, performers, photographers and VIPs up with credentials that reflect their levels of access. Turning to a high-quality oversized credential printer makes this possible. Credentials created on such a printer can deliver every detail organizers could want or need, from anti-counterfeiting features to high-resolution photos for identification purposes.

Keep Backstage Areas Organized

“Are you authorized to be here?” It’s the key question in restricted areas at music festivals and concerts. When everyone  has well-printed credentials, it’s easy to have an answer.

Crew members helping to maintain the stage, artists and their personal teams, guests with backstage permissions, photographers and journalists allowed special access to photo areas – each of these groups can receive distinctive badges, large enough to be recognizable on sight, making security’s job easier.

Furthermore, with the ability to put photos on the badges or add scannable barcodes and QR codes, promoters have options as to how they organize their backstage areas. When production companies work with high-quality credential printers, they also gain the ability to use materials embedded with security features such as holograms. These counter the threat posed by counterfeiters.

Need for ID

Major musical and theatrical events today can employ hundreds of crew members. Combine that with the artists and all related personnel, and the need for a badge printing system becomes clear. Ideally, this asset will be capable of both high-speed on-demand operations and large-volume output.

All alternatives fall short of a good printer system: If promoters outsource their credential creation, they lose the ability to flexibly produce badges at the last moment. If they use non-specialized printers, they could have to make do without the anti-counterfeiting features and be unable to print on specialized materials.

Get the Right Printer

Another benefit of picking the right credential printer is that it will be relevant for years to come. No matter what type of event an arena or public space hosts after the concert or festival has broken down its stage and left town, credentialing will be a relevant process. And when the next tour pulls into town, new badges will be ready to roll off the press.

The Swiftcolor SCC4000D is the kind of asset that can make a music festival or concert run like clockwork through easy and high-quality credential production. You can inspect this effective and affordable piece of hardware in our U.S. store or on our Canadian page.

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