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Regulations Evolve as Canadian Cannabis Legalization Approaches

With recreational cannabis legalization fast approaching in Canada, and the medical marijuana sector on the rise, the opportunities to grow and sell these products have never been greater. However, entering this market is more complex than it may seem at first. Every province will have its own approach to how legal cannabis has to be packaged and sold. With these rules differing from one another – and sure to evolve over time – it’s important for cannabis sellers to work with expert partners.

Getting in Compliance

For an example of how provinces will build on the baseline ideas laid down by the federal government, it’s worth taking a look at Ontario’s plan for post-legalization sales. For instance, there would be a minimum age for marijuana possession and use – 19 years old, the same as the limits for tobacco and alcohol. This is higher than the proposed 18 years in the federal rules.

Lift reported on a legal addendum that could have a major impact on how growers and dispensaries sell their products. An amendment to the Cannabis Act has added edible marijuana products to the list of legislated and allowed items, alongside dried cannabis and oils. Edibles, according to the text of the new addition, would become legal no more than a year after the main bill becomes law.

Legalization is underway across Canada.

A Pattern of Change

The final form of the Cannabis Act, coupled with the special regulations implemented by each province, will determine the types of cannabis labels that dispensaries, manufacturers and distributors have to apply to their items. It’s impossible to create these labels far in advance, as they may be out of line with relevant laws by the time the regulations are finalized.

Find the Right Partner

To deal with this era of opportunity and flux, companies have to partner with committed and agile partners such as DuraFast Label Company. So far in the young history of the legal cannabis market, the Epson TM-7500G has proven to be the in-house printer of choice for companies that want to print their own packaging in house instead of ordering labels. Having this asset on hand is an affordable way for companies to adapt quickly to new labeling requirements – and print only what they need.

DuraFast can offer help to legal cannabis providers in both the U.S. and Canada as evolving regulations across these two nations lead toward a new era for both recreational and medical marijuana. You can check out our website for more printer and service options – click here for the Canadian page or here for the U.S. site.

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