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Enhancing Customer Experience With a QR Code

Enhancing Customer Experience With a QR Code

When Quick Response codes first appeared in the consumer landscape they were all the rage for businesses looking to expand their marketing efforts. Like with any new technology, consumers and businesses were enthralled with the ability to access exclusive information from a small square code on their smartphone. But just as quickly as they came, QR codes on labels soon fell out of popularity with consumers who realized they were just another form of product advertising as FoodDive reports. Marketers have taken the time to reevaluate the use of QR codes on product labels and as a new decade approaches, have found how they can be used to enhance the customer experience.

Customers Want QR Codes For More Than Marketing

As FoodDive outlines, QR codes have long been used to direct customers to product endorsements, branded recipes or games to engage customers with their brand. While occasionally fun, most of these interactions were of no value to consumers who soon became tired of more advertisements in their day. Even though consumers stopped voluntarily interacting with QR codes, marketers saw the potential that they had to help businesses connect with their shoppers.

Today, Natural Insight has found that businesses large and small are using QR codes on product labels to impact a consumer’s entire shopping experience. As the article points out, QR codes can be utilized to aide shoppers with speedy self-checkout and quickly access manufacturing information. When QR codes contain information that is valuable to the consumer or can help make their shopping process easier, they are more likely to scan it.

One of the best developments with QR codes has been in the food industry. With consumers’ need to know all the information about the food they are consuming, many brands have added QR codes to their labels for this purpose. Even smaller products like granola bars can add a QR code to their label to give consumers more detailed facts about ingredients and nutrition. As Natural Insight points out, many wine manufacturers are also opting for a QR code on their labels to provide customers with information without sacrificing design or space.

Merchandisers can use QR codes on labels and tags for customers to quickly access information about a product.

Looking Ahead

Placing QR codes on product labels has already begun again, but is likely to continue to increase as marketers and consumers understand how it can be mutually beneficial. When QR codes are implemented correctly, customers feel valued that they receive more information and brands can assess if is a successful way to engage with consumers. If you are thinking about creating your own labels for similar products, consider adding a QR code with an accompanying link and obtain the printing infrastructure you need by visiting DuraFast’s U.S. store or Canada page.

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