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Health Canada lays down the law on homeopathic “vaccine” labeling

A major concern for pharmaceutical companies is making sure that products can deliver on the promises listed on their labels. In many cases, government organizations intervene to regulate value propositions that don’t quite match reality. Recently, it was announced that Health Canada will ban the labeling of homeopathic “nosodes” as “vaccines,” due to their questionable effectiveness and concerns that homeopathic treatments have actually given rise to new disease cases. 

“The substances — basically molecular quantities of active ingredient in vast, watery solutions — have been blamed for helping fuel resistance to real vaccines,” writes Tom Blackwell of National Post. “Health Canada also says that it will no longer approve claims that homeopathic remedies can treat cold and flu in children — unless there is scientific evidence to support the assertions.”

According to Street Insider, these products will be required to carry a special warning to diffuse unrealistic or inaccurate beliefs about their benefits. 

Drug manufacturers want to make the most compelling claims they can on product labels but have a responsibility to use language that accurately reflects the indications, expectations and realistic results of using their drugs. While homeopathic treatments have been popularized as an alternative to “conventional” medicines for various infections, the medical community has turned a critical eye toward the distance between perception and reality. 

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