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Designing a wine label that fits a particular store

If you are a wine company that does business in a particular location, you might need wine labels that give customers a very specific idea of where your products come from. And this could, in turn, require you to produce labels in-house for maximum effect.

In the Memphis Business Journal, a recent article by Rob Robertson examined the case of Southwind Wine & Spirits, a company that recently launched a brand of wine with a name and label that points customers specifically toward the history of the establishment called “Page 52.”

The label even features a small disclaimer at the bottom that tells the potential consumer the wine was “bottled exclusively” for that location. A color printer can allow other businesses the chance to print wine labels that prioritize this information in this way, especially when there are certain legacies or long histories that could work in your marketing.

In addition to that location-specific imagery and messaging, wine labels might also feature something that creates an important visual link. A recent feature article on artist Manfred Krankl in Wine Spectator featured statements on his approach to making a specific image for each wine vintage he works on under the Sine Qua Non name.

“I have a good friend who is still a distributor for me, who said, ‘Are you insane? You’re going to change the label every year on every single wine? Don’t you know that the whole thing is about brand recognition?'” Krankl mentioned.

Although you might not require something on the order of Krankl’s quirky woodcuts for your bottles, you can use a label printer to help customers connect the dots all the same.

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