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The Best Label Printers for Cannabis Labels

As the legal recreational cannabis industry expands to new states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada, there is a great opportunity for companies to dive in and make an impact. This is an untested market, one without established leaders. Brands that stake a claim now, via good branding and promotional activities, could become forces to be reckoned with.

One element of branding for cannabis sellers is labeling. This is a heavily regulated space, with new legislation under discussion in both the U.S. and Canada, but companies that take control of their own labeling strategies can stay in compliance. Arguably the most direct way to get labeling strategies under control is to purchase and use in-house label printers. This begs the question: What types are best for the expanding cannabis industry?

For smaller producers

Epson TM-C3500: This is a printer designed for a seamless and efficient commercial printing process. It is a compact and convenient size, but prints high-quality labels that customers will respond well to. The hardware has been designed with contemporary label printing needs in mind, with anti-banding mode and a nozzle-check system. In low-quantity situations, this is a prime printer choice.

Afinia L301: Companies that are lacking in space but not ambition should inspect the Afinia L301, which is designed to create high-quality full-color labels while fitting comfortably on a table or desk. It can handle several different label materials, meaning that no matter what kind of look and feel a brand wants for its labels, it’s possible. From matte and high-gloss paper to polypropylene, vinyl and more, the L301 prints on them all.

For larger-scale operations

Epson TM-C7500GE: Not just a printer, this Epson model is a package deal combining the Epson TM-C7500G printer and Wasatch SoftRIP raster image processor software. GE stands for “graphics edition,” and it represents a transformation: The industrial-grade Epson gloss label printer is now a miniature digital label press. The included software gives greater color and raster image control, for perfectly tuned labels. The printer can also print labels on continuous media, a task that requires a firmware upgrade for non-GE printers.

Afinia L801: The L801 is a cost-effective and versatile labeling option. With an impressive resolution of 1600 by 1600 DPI, this is a machine capable of extremely high-quality output. The L801 is also fast, taking only 10 seconds to warm up and outputting labels at 60 feet per minute (305 millimeters per second). Instead of small ink cartridges, the printer uses five ink tanks, which enables companies to complete large print runs without ever having to switch out their ink.

Neuralabel 300x: The Neuralabel 300x is designed to create tough labels that will never smudge or come off of items. Its primary uses is hazardous material labels that are mandated by law, meaning the items it produces are strong and clear by design. It can handle a variety of materials, including high-gloss and matte polypropylene labels, the latter of which is useful in both the medical and cosmetics fields.

Regulations are changing and markets are developing for legal cannabis products. Companies that want to harness their branding power can try the label printers listed above, or browse even more at DuraFast’s U.S. store or Canadian page.

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