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Printer Profile: Discover the Afinia L801

Choosing a label printer is a quietly essential branding step for any producer of consumer goods. Picking the wrong piece of hardware may set the business back in a number of ways, whether through unsuitable internal processes or finished items that don’t present the company’s products in a good light.

The exact printer for a firm will depend on that organization’s unique labeling needs. There is no one right answer. This is why we’re presenting overviews of a few of today’s most useful printers, each with its own value proposition. First up, it’s the Afinia L801 Memjet Color Label Printer.

Features and Specifications

The L801 is a high-speed industrial printer meant for use on short- or medium-sized production runs. It prints in full color, and works at an impressive speed of 60 feet per minute. Printing up to 1600 dpi, the printer enables the in-house creation of attractive and arresting labels for products. The ink capacity is relatively large, at 1.25 liters, meaning companies don’t have to change cartridges often. Furthermore, instead of a single ink cartridge, it takes five – cyan, magenta, yellow and two for black ink. This means less waste, as when a single color runs low, that’s all that needs replacement.

Companies can employ it for whatever their current projects may be.

The printer’s standard-equipment unwinder is housed in a built-in enclosure, rather than being exposed to the elements and allowing dust to get on the labels. Since the printer is capable of printing on several different sizes of label stock, companies can employ it for whatever their current projects may be. Materials can reach a width of 8.5 inches.

Ideal Use Cases

The aforementioned versatility when it comes to accepted media means there’s a wide range of good roles for the L801. It can serve in a behind-the-scenes role, generating inventory labels or barcodes that keep order in warehouses and storerooms. It can also create the nutrition fact labels that adorn product packaging.

Furthermore, companies that need badges to identify employees or visitors can also turn to the L801. These high-resolution full-color badges or ID stickers can clearly show the possessor’s face, enabling easy visual identification. Companies that have this kind of printer in-house as an ID creation asset can print the credentials instantly on an as-needed basis, becoming flexible while keeping security standards high.

Picking a fast and efficient industrial label printer can grant a new level of efficiency to companies with very specific labeling needs, all without sacrificing quality. To learn more about the L801, check out DuraFast’s U.S. store or the Canadian equivalent.

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