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Best Color Label Printers for Christmas Gifts

Does someone you love own a small business? If so, that person may be struggling to keep efficiency high and costs down in behind-the-scenes functions such as label printing. You can become a hero this Christmas by putting one of these powerful new label printers under the tree.

If you’re the one who owns the small company, it’s probably time to put one of these great devices on your wish list and leave it somewhere Santa Claus can find it. The following are four top printers that combine powerful functionality with price tags that won’t hurt gift givers’ wallets, and they’re great bets as presents this holiday season.

1. Afinia L301

The Afinia L301 is perfect for an individual running a business from his or her home, or for a small company with a compact office space. This economical little printer is available for a mere $1,595 and prints at up to 4800 dpi quality in full color. Capable of handling many different materials, it will sit on a desk and turn out prime labels for immediate use. It’s best suited to businesses that don’t need huge quantities of labels each month, and keeps these companies from needing to order their labels from a third party. It uses two ink cartridges, tri-color and black, and keeps ink costs low.

2. Epson TM-C3500

The versatile TM-C3500 is suitable for companies that might need wristbands or name badges in addition to labels. Organizations that often host ticketed events or are otherwise concerned about visitor control can take advantage of this capability. The printer accepts multiple materials, including matte and high-gloss options. This ensures the badges, wristbands and labels printed will look just as their creators intend. It’s available for only $1,850.

3. Epson TM-C7500G

In this era of unparalleled entrepreneurial activity, small businesses don’t always stay small. If you know someone whose company is on the rise and demands a high quantity of professional-grade labels, go straight for the best product on the market: the Epson C-7500G. This printer costs $8,499 and is compatible with a rewinder that allows it to print labels from one roll to another.

4. Afinia L801

When companies need labels quickly but don’t want to pay large per-unit costs, the Afinia L801 is the best Christmas gift option. With an integrated unwinder, this $7,995 printer produces 1600 dpi labels at the blistering rate of 60 feet per minute.

The above prices are in U.S. dollars, as seen in our American online store. Canadian gift-givers, take a look at our Canadian page and get shopping!

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