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Take Your Event Pass Printing In-House

When you organize events, little costs can add up, and things that slip out of your control can throw preparations into chaos. This is why adding your own in-house card printers is a good idea. Printing credentials for your attendees is an important part of the organization process, whether you’re responsible for industry gatherings, college events, performances or sporting events. This is a seemingly innocuous task that can turn into a major expense or a scheduling headache without the proper attention.

Take It In-House

Independence is the key word when you take on your own card printing duties. Turning a potentially expensive outside process into something handled within the office is a way to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Corrections, additions and oversight become easier to manage when you’re operating your own printers.

Corrections, last-minute additions, a strict oversight of quality and branding – all of these elements become easier to manage when you’re operating your own printers instead of outsourcing the task of credential creation.

Anticipating external printing project problems shows how helpful it can be to maintain your own printers. For instance, an order of credentials that doesn’t arrive on time or comes in with serious mistakes could throw an event into disarray, with paying attendees unable to gain entry. Furthermore, performing quality control could be a multi-step, time-consuming process.

Any Kind of Credentials

No matter what kind of event you’re organizing, there is a case for printing your own credentials on the premises. As long as you select a sufficiently flexible card printer, you have the option of going with simple paper badges and cards or tougher PVC items. These can contain traditional barcodes, QR codes, photo identification of attendees or any sort of system you choose to employ.

Printers that are fast enough also enable you to print credentials on the spot, allowing you to issue high-quality badges to those who register at the event, or to print credentials only for those who attend, cutting down the waste of printing a badge for every potential attendee.

The possibilities are endless, and the control is in your hands. This is perhaps the most important reason to bring your own printers. You, as the event organizer, get to call the shots about the style of credentials and the schedule on which they’re created.

 A Constant Presence

As long as you’re hosting gatherings, you’ll need badges. This is one compelling argument for purchasing printers for in-house use. You’ll have the hardware ready to go when the next iteration of the event rolls around – a new trade show, another home game for a sports team, another on-campus gathering at a university. Then, badges and other credentials will be ready to roll out of the printer.

Picking the right printer for the job is obviously important – the benefits of operating your own badge printing only present themselves if the hardware is up to the task. However, it’s not hard to find the right option. Durafast offers SwiftColor printers suited to ID badge printing, particularly the SCC4000D, designed with credential printing in mind.

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