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Primera LX1000: The Latest Standard in Label Printing

When Primera stopped producing the LX900, it called a halt on one of the most popular and prominent label printers in the world. That begs the question: What does Primera do as a follow-up? The answer comes in the form of the LX1000 Color Label Printer, the new standard to consider when it’s time to add in-house labeling to your company’s offerings. This printer’s capabilities can give your brand the professional quality it deserves, all in-house.

Running Down the LX1000’s Features

What can an LX1000 do for your company? To begin with, it delivers speed, scale and quality. The printer works at a speed of 4 inches per second, and can handle media between half an inch and 8.25 inches wide, with a length of half an inch to 24 inches. It can reach an impressive resolution of 4800 dpi, ensuring your brand’s imagery comes through clearly.

Even if your brand is in a heavily regulated industry, this may still be the printer for you.

Primera recommends the printer for specialty jobs that go beyond basic product labeling, meaning that even if your brand is in a heavily regulated industry, this may still be the printer for you:

Durable labels: Do your products have to survive in tough environments, where they come into frequent contact with direct sunlight or liquids? The LX1000 could still be the printer for you. The pigment-based inks the printer uses, combined with its ability to print on tough, synthetic label materials makes it suitable for bath and beauty products, frozen foods and other items designed to do more than sit on a dry shelf.

GHS chemical labels: Chemical labels in line with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) are a specific but essential part of labeling. These chemical warnings have to be tough, tested and able to stand up to harm – the ink technology used by the LX1000 passed the relevant trials. When your business has to create compliant and durable chemical container labels, the LX1000 is a worthy choice of printer.

Delivering Extra Value

Value is the key word when it comes to selecting the LX1000. This doesn’t just come from a reasonable price tag, either – there are several additional bonuses bundled with the printer itself that will help you add it to your office. With BarTender Lite label design software, as well as a one-year manufacturer warranty to cover any issues, you’re getting more than just the hardware when you buy an LX1000.

To learn more about this printer, or to consider other models for your in-house printing needs, visit our website. Our LX1000 page is here, with more information you need to decide if this is the in-house solution for your company.

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