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Prepared Food Labeling: Where Accuracy Meets Speed

Food labeling is one of the most challenging forms of product packaging creation. After all, a failure to notify purchasers of the possible allergens and other ingredients contained in a particular item may lead to expensive recalls. The prepared foods segment of the industry combines this need for accurate disclosure with the pressure to consistently create new labels, as items will stay on store shelves for shorter periods of time than canned or bottled goods.

Companies manufacturing prepared foods, whether they’re for sale at retail stores or meant for consumption at special events, have to think about how they will label their goods. It’s hardly feasible for a supermarket to order huge quantities of labels from a third-party provider and stick them on over time. A more reactive and potentially efficient way to handle these requirements involves setting up an affordable and effective in-house printer.

Changes Integrated Seamlessly

The adaptability of an on-site labeling approach is one of its major potential advantages. If labels have been prepared off-site in advance, there is no way to substitute an ingredient based on availability. After all, the ingredients list and allergen disclosures will already be printed. Furthermore, when regulations change, companies that own their label printing operations can immediately make the necessary alterations. When the printer is on the premises, there’s a reduced need to make large quantities of labels in advance, so there will be fewer labels bearing the old, replaced design.

When companies purchase high-quality assets for their label creation needs, they can combine consumer appeal with clear and up-to-date nutritional information as mandated by the relevant authorities. One such option is the Primera LX1000, the recently released update to the LX900, the best-selling in-house label printer.

Features of the LX10000

Primera’s pigment-based inkjet printer line is capable of producing high-quality, full-color labels quickly and affordably. The printer comes with label design software and can create labels up to 8 inches wide at up to 4800 dpi. With a one-year warranty from the manufacturer included, this desktop-sized, 60-pound printer represents a remarkably small risk to any food producer looking for a way to produce labels in-house and gain the speed, control and efficiency that come along with this approach.

Using a Primera printer, which is compatible with synthetic label materials designed to hold up under rough treatment, can help prepared food labels stay vibrant while in transit or on display, and make sure vital nutritional information remains visible over time.

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