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Name tags provide help in time of emergency

When emergency situations arise, a name tag printer can be used to create many usable pieces in a relatively short period of time. This can give the authorities a chance to simplify their procedures and bring more care to those who need it.

KEYT recently reported on one effect the recent devastating mudslide in Washington is having on residents in a different state. According to the source, those who live in La Conchita, California, are expressing their sympathies toward the victims of this most recent avalanche.

The source in particular talked to Mike Bell, local community organization chairman who discussed the way members of the area have incorporated special name badges into their emergency response plan ever since 2005, when the California landslide took place.

“Everybody responds to a certain location,” Bell said of the response plan. “We have name tags so when the emergency people come into town, we can go here’s who lives where, and here is their phone number.”

Right now, the search for survivors of the landslide that struck earlier this week is still underway. The New York Times reported that local volunteers who are in the areas as loggers are working alongside the authorities in this matter to try and locate more than 120 different people who have been lost. 

We can see that label printers can be incorporated into a name badge solution for this kind of disaster that helps out other official response teams. Custom label printing can also be a way to select the printer that can process the right amount of orders for the job, and do it at a speed that works well with other aspects of emergency response.

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