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Coffee organization clashes with government over toxin rules

In addition to an awareness of potentially harmful ingredients that might exist in consumable products, manufacturers and producers should know exactly what they are expected to disclose and why, as well as the importance of regulations that may be technically “voluntary” but still vital to success. 

Printers of coffee labels, for example, may be following the recent news surrounding the regulations that are impacting coffee producers. According to a press release on the National Coffee Association’s (NCA) website, the organization is challenging a provision that requires it to warn against various ingredients. The text of Proposition 65 would require disclosure that the NCA seems to believe would lead to obstructions in production and unnecessary roadblocks for businesses.

“Passed in 1986 as a voter referendum aimed at preventing contamination of the water supply, the statute has become the vehicle for rampant legal actions by plaintiffs’ attorneys when any listed chemical is detected in foods and other consumer products,” the release stated.

To combat this, the organization has taken on legal council to formally contest it with the California government.

Businesses can turn to the greater organizations they belong to to protest regulations they deem unfair, but at the end of the day it’s important to show consumers, handlers, and all those who work with various types of processed goods which methods need to be taken to encourage safety and keep companies from being liable. Custom labels can address these issues and also grant producers the freedom to tackle a number of different concerns while making the contents of their products known.

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