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Consumers Want Environmental Information From Their Products

It turns out that the long effort by government agencies, community groups and private businesses to convince people to recycle may have worked. Recent polling suggests that the vast majority of Americans support reusing their consumer products and the packages they come in.

For instance, a survey of 2,500 U.S. adults conducted for the Carton Council of North American found that 90 percent of respondents believe recycling is important and worth doing regularly.

The vast majority of Americans support reusing their consumer products.

Americans are also bullish on the prospects of helping the environment through increased recycling efforts. The survey found that a full 95 percent said that the environment would benefit if more people made the effort to reuse containers, rather than throwing them out.

With a growing number of Americans concerned about the future of the environment and the role they play in protecting it, its a great time to sell environmentally-friendly products in recyclable containers.

In fact, a recent study conducted by Cone Communications found that 71 percent of respondents say they think about their impact on the environment when they shop, while 45 percent go out of their way to look for environmental information about the things they purchase.

It is important for these shoppers to have all the information they are looking for. Companies can help by giving their products labeling that clearly indicates what has been made with recycled content, and whether it can be safely reused again.

These types of labels will grab consumer attention if they are done well on a high-quality printer. At DuraFast, we carry a wide selection of printers and printing supplies to help your labels stand out. Contact us today!

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