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Customers evaluate wine labels in 1.5 seconds

If you’re not yet sold on the importance of wine labels, John Lawlor and Don White of Real Picture Research would like to prove you wrong. Their studies have shown that the labeling of wine bottles causes consumers to make quick and impulsive decisions about which varieties they buy. 

“The wine label really only has about 1.5 seconds to make an impact,” says Lawlor. “At the point of purchase the only real info the consumer has is the label, and within that 1.5 seconds we draw so many conclusions. Wine is such an image product so the label is a big part of the impression.”

Many of those conclusions are built around lifestyle. For example, a wine label needs to look sophisticated without being fancy in an alienating way. Forbes writes that very few winemakers conduct label testing, to see how certain creative decisions strike an audience of consumers. Sending new labels to the marketplace without some outside opinions misses an opportunity to maximize marketing value. Since manufacturers have only a couple of seconds to win over grocery store customers, it’s important to invest in making the best impression as quickly as possible. 

Custom label printing is one way brands can achieve this. Instead of relying on third party printing companies, doing the work in-house can save time and money while presenting other benefits. 

When wine manufacturers can print their own custom labels, they have total creative control over brand strategy. This gives decision makers the power to make brand-centric images that attract customers and help promote the company. Contact us today to learn more about our range of printing solutions for businesses in the food and beverage manufacturing industry. 

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