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Could beer labels help prevent underage drinking?

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that almost 75 percent of the supermarkets in the area peddle “vice” consumer items and aggressively market them. It’s a statistic that means manufacturers should pay more attention to the packaging that they put on their products when children could be in the area.

The information cited by the Times comes from the public health department and assessed more than 7,000 locations in California based on how and where they advertised tobacco, alcohol, and what it termed “junk food.”

According to this source, nearly half of the stores assessed place the tobacco products they sell near candy items at the front counter. Placement can be as important as labeling when it comes to the sort of sales your product achieves and the audience that you reach. Beer labels can be updated to specifically address this as well and warn underage children against purchasing them.

Edhat.com also featured survey data from the local health department, including a statement from the director of the department, Dr. Takashi Wada.

“We all need to be more aware of these influences in our neighborhoods,” Dr. Wada said. “We are committed to working with store owners, families, and other partners throughout Santa Barbara County to protect our kids and make our communities healthier.”

The same release from the source also noted that soda was being similarly placed within stores to be most eye-catching to kids, in more than 75 percent of the locations that they assessed. 

An industrial label maker may allow your business the ability to orient your product for any market, but the specifics of where they will be sold need to be a deciding factor. 

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