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Don’t Rely On Pre-Printed Label Stock

Mass production can create large amounts of product efficiently while keeping costs down. When launching a product, it may seem as if the best approach is creating a pre-printed label template and using it to produce large quantities.

However, there are downsides to pre-printing labels that businesses – especially small ones – should be aware of. Firms that rely on a single template for all their labeling needs will have a difficult time adjusting to sudden changes. It is better to invest in printers that allow you to create custom labels.

It is better to invest in printers that allow you to create custom labels.

  • New Branding: Brand consistency is crucial. Customers want to buy from brands they already know and trust, and they want guarantees that they can accept the familiar level of quality. It’s important for products under the same brand name to have the same recognizable label design. But what if you need to make a change? Unless you are using a custom label printer, that will result in wasting hundreds of pre-printed labels.

  • Shifting Customer Requirements: Your business needs to be nimble enough to adjust your labeling if customers decide they want a different design, or new content. They may ask for an entirely different labeling system, depending on what their own scanners usually accept.
  • Regulatory Issues: In today’s regulatory environment state and national governments are rewriting rules to require more transparency and clarity in labeling. Adjusting to new regulations can be costly and time consuming if you have to create an entire new template every time these rules are handed down.

Durafast offers a number of different printing solutions to help you develop the labels you need for your branding efforts. Contact us today for more information!

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