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Morton Salt launches label design competition

Often, new companies will hire an artist or designer to make sure that their product labels make an impression. Rarely, however, do you see an established, recognized brand not only seek a new label design, but allow the entire world to take a crack at designing it.

But that’s exactly what Morton Salt has done in their newly announced competition, “The Art of Salt: Morton Salt Label Design Contest.” The organization has given interested parties a label template with the official Morton Salt logo to allow them to create their own unique designs centered around Morton’s signature of a young girl in a yellow dress holding an umbrella up against the rain. 

“The Morton Salt Girl made her debut on our blue package of table salt 100 years ago,” Shayn Wallace, Vice President of Morton Salt’s Consumer and Industrial businesses wrote in a press release. “In honor of her centennial, we wanted to give America an opportunity to re-imagine the label that she has graced all these years.”

Artists can submit their designs until September 7 to compete for a $1,500 cash prize and two tickets to Art Basel, a contemporary art show in Miami Beach. However, a spokesperson for the company did stipulate that the company has not committed to using any of the winning designs on its packaging.

Morton Salt’s strategy is a great example of how organizations can use their label design to reach out to consumers and build strong customer relationships. By investing in an in-house product label printing solution, your organization can also explore similar creative strategies that give your audience an opportunity to interact with your brand.

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