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FDA faces difficulties with compost rules

While it might seem pretty obvious what to put on fertilizer labels to make them appealing to consumers, there can always be new regulations that shift things in another direction. This has the potential to be controversial, as seems to be the case with an act that concerns farming.

Specifically, NPR has reported that the FDA is under fire for a recent proposal about the way fertilizer is used in farming. That agency has recently put forth regulations that are not sitting well with some who claim that their healthy practices are under attack.

The FDA prefers fertilizer solutions that aren’t as closely tied to natural matter and claim that their proposal will reduce the chance of food-borne illness. NPR talked to an organic Pennsylvania farmer who opposed the measure.

“No one’s ever been sickened by anything we’ve grown, in probably millions of transactions between us and our customers over 40 years,” he said.

This can be a tricky place for chemical providers to find themselves in, as they must appeal to customers while following the official laws set out by the government. The answer could be in collaboration between the two sides, as CBS recently reported that the conversation on proper practice in this area appears to be far from over.

Put fertilizer labels at the top of your priority list, even when there aren’t such important rules being debated, and you could help find efficiency and a means of reaching common ground. Opinions may differ over correct farming practice, but the means by which you inform others of your product don’t need to be so contested.

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