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The importance of understanding agricultural chemical labels

This blog has previously discussed the importance of agricultural labels. Especially when potentially dangerous chemicals are being used, the farmers or companies distributing the materials onto crops must have an accurate understanding of what they are using. A failure to do so could have hazardous ramifications.

Pesticides and herbicides are often sprayed throughout fields, and a lack of agricultural chemical labels, or containers with outdated descriptions, could wreak havoc for businesses. According to a contribution piece in the Fort Morgan Times, many of those labels are legally binding documents. Should an individual or organization fail to follow the directions exactly, they could face legal fines.

For example, herbicides are broken down into two basic groups – non-selective and selective. The former category includes brands like Round-Up, where all plants that come into contact with the chemicals will be killed. The latter types will eliminate broad leaf plants without harming an individual’s lawn.

“The bottom line is that whether you are a homeowner, or a commercial applicator such as a farmer, you must follow the labels’ instructions exactly,” the article said. “The legal ramifications for failing to do so can be severe and include being held financially responsible for damages.”

The active ingredients in selective herbicides are especially dangerous, the news source explained. As such, the chemical labels will often specify to not spray the materials in excessive heat, or when winds reach above 5 or 10 mph.

Whether a large company is spraying hazardous chemicals, or individual farmers are using types of pesticides, the labels must be clear and accurate. Distributors and manufacturers of such items should invest in appropriate color label printers to ensure that all information is up-to-date and easily readable.

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