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On-demand printing helps highlight products’ seasonal benefits

Cold weather is approaching, and many Americans are now taking their winter coats, hats and supplies out of storage in preparation. The winter months require many consumers in certain areas to take action against the cold, especially to protect exposed skin and other sensitive areas. 

This represents a significant opportunity for producers of health and beauty products, such as lip balm. Although sold all year long, many consumers who are not regular purchasers of these products experience increased demand in cold weather months. 

Chapped lips, dry skin and other negative effects of frigid temperatures are something everyone wants to avoid. However, consumers may not always be thinking of these effects, especially when warm and cozy inside a store or shopping center. 

As a result, manufacturers of these products can remind customers of the effects of cold weather and their products’ benefits on their lip balm and cosmetic labels. Many consumers do not think of buying products to avoid the negative effects of cold weather until it is too late, making it important for products to feature their cold-weather advantages on their labels.

Fortunately, with product label printing equipment from Durafast, producers can capitalize on their products cold-weather benefits quickly and affordably. By investing in an on-demand printing solution, your organization can sever its reliance on expensive third-party label suppliers and their long wait times, and start printing your own targeted labels. 

The Afinia L801Memjet color label printer is the ideal solution to allow your organization to start experimenting with seasonal label designs today. With print speeds up to 60 feet per minute and 5 large ink tanks so that you can run large label jobs without worrying about running out of ink, it is the perfect solution to help boost sales of your products this winter. 

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