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DuraFast Labels is proud to offer the Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Press!

At DuraFast labels, we are constantly striving to bring you the latest and greatest labeling solutions at competitive prices. We are now very excited to offer the Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Press, which is an ideal labeling solution for bottling, agricultural, pharmaceutical, or consumer products industries.

An increasing number of companies are choosing to save funds by printing their own labels and collateral in-house. In-house label printing cuts costs for each label while simultaneously allowing businesses to avoid purchasing more labels than necessary from printing houses. When a company has an excess of labels on hand, they can become dirty or damaged in inventory storage, and lose adhesive properties. The purchase of an Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Press means that your company can instantly print fresh labels whenever necessary. 

The Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Press is a lighting desktop printing solution with an output of about 20,000 labels in just 35 minutes, or about 30 feet per minute. Its front panel LCD interface makes operation simple, so your company can be up and printing without lengthy employee training. 

The Afinia R635 is able to print on a variety of mediums, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Every type of media may be cut on the fly or auto-cut to create custom label lengths. Business owners can control the printing process and ensure that every label turns out perfectly with the help auto-adjusting form synchronization and the web management system torque. 

Printing in-house with the Afinia R635 Laser Color Label Press saves time, money and waste. Instead of relying on outsourcing to a printing house, your company will be able to immediately fill orders of all sizes without relying on outside help. This leads to faster turnaround times and happier clients. 

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