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For clever promotions, subvert expectations

One of the savviest ways brands can capitalize on market trends is through counter-programming. With each holiday and annual promotion, many consumers may feel fatigued from the influx of the same messages: red hearts around Valentine’s Day, green shamrocks around St. Patrick’s Day, etc. Finding a space to acknowledge those trends while pairing them with something slightly different can help brands stand out in their custom label printing strategy. 

For example, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that’s great for beer companies but not so lucrative for wine manufacturers. One way a winery could take advantage of the holiday is to phrase branding in a way that provides an alternative to the loud, messy reputation that the holiday has earned. Conjuring the image of a grown-up, sophisticated night in contrasts directly with holiday debauchery in pubs and taverns. On Valentine’s Day, crafting a campaign that targets single people could have the same effect. Instead of splitting a bottle for a romantic date night, suggest that customers “split” the bottle with their online TV streaming service. 

Think of restaurants with cheeky menu items like “heart attack cheeseburgers” or even death-by-chocolate cakes. While many brands focus on the health benefits of their food products, some find a way to emphasize taste and enjoyment as a primary focus. Because this contradicts what we’ve been programmed to think about diet, calories and health, products are represented as indulgences rather than prudent dietary choices. Sometimes subverting expectations can generate interest in your brand. 

With an industrial label printer, companies can take control of their messaging and implement a strategy that is both timely and effective. Contact us today to learn more about custom label printing options. 

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