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How to apply two methods for effective labeling

Depending on your product, there are a few ways you can approach your labeling, and those methods vary depending on the ever-changing ways in which people respond to visuals, as well as information mandated by new laws or regulations. To help you sift through these different approaches, these are two ways businesses are currently presenting their products and how you can use them to make your labeling strategy more effective.

Cleverly advertise the product’s advantages

Cars do it all the time. They advertise their low gas mileage and energy efficiency and compare it to other cars on the market. If it works for them, shouldn’t it work for other products too? A recent study published in Economic Inquiry gathered the sales data of 43 laundry detergents to find how consumers relate to carbon labels. The findings showed that merely having a carbon reduction label on the product wasn’t enough to convince consumers to pay more or buy it over other products, concluding that its presentation needs to be more thought out.

Just as you would with any branding or marketing strategy, creativity and simplicity are essential. Consumers need information broken down in a way they can understand, so think in their terms when providing it. Before you even get to the explanation, though, the consumer’s attention needs to be caught. Display certain benefits or interesting facts about in your product in an eye-catching and pleasing manner. You know your product has quality, but you first need to convince buyers to approach it. This is where the next trend comes into play.

Make it a work of art

When you’re strolling through a museum or art gallery, what pieces catch your eye? Are they particularly beautiful or strange? Do they raise eyebrows or take your breath away? No matter how they’ve done it, works of art have a tendency to grab our attention, and you can apply that to your label-making. For wine labels, this trend is especially prevalent.

“The wine label is our first reference point when choosing a wine,” said Dee Appleby, an art history instructor, in an interview with the Chronicle Herald. “It must draw us in while reassuring us that this is a good wine.”

When it comes to a product like wine, where few people are as expert in it as they’d like to believe, reeling them in visually is important. Take for example the winemakers at Leeuwin Estate in Australia, who’ve devoted their business to marrying the art of wine with actual fine art. Not only do their labels feature artwork by some of the top Australian contemporary artists, they also have an art gallery on their vineyard property.

“For the record, let me say that the wines are indeed very well made,” wrote Al Vuona for the Worcester Telegram. “The artistic labeling just adds a special touch that wine lovers find so appealing. In fact, it was while shopping for wine that these beautiful labels caught my attention.”

Not only do the labels work to catch a potential buyer’s attention, it also gives them something unique to remember your company by. In the case of Leeuwin Estate, they are known both for their wine as well as their incorporation of Australian contemporary art.

The best way to keep up with rising trends in product labeling is to invest in an industrial label printer. At DuraFast, we carry a wide selection of printers and printing supplies to help your labels stand out for all the right reasons. Contact us today to learn more about how a flexible printing solution can take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

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