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In the Information Age, consumers are inundated with marketing around the clock. Whether it’s the buzziest meme or the latest post from a pop icon’s Instagram account, there’s no shortage of messaging for plugged-in individuals. On this blog, we’ve discussed the importance of implementing a brand strategy that takes many channels of promotion into account, but it’s important not to get too wrapped up in making an instant impression. Some of the best-loved logos and label designs in America have emerged through slow and steady consistency over the years. 

To achieve this feat, brands can look for label inspiration that is simple, timeless and memorable for the right reasons. Designs that capitalize on the moment can lead to short term gains. We’ve also discussed the advantages of marketing your company’s products for holidays, seasonal changes and other fleeting observances. Those promotions can endear your product to the public and give them a way to celebrate milestones along the calendar year. However, it’s important to back up temporary label ideas with a substantial brand strategy. 

Coca-Cola, for example, has stuck to a consistent font choice over its 100 years of existence. 

“The first bottle of this universal soda arrived in 1915, looking much like the medicinal concoction it was first conceived as,” explains Melissa Bobbitt of Paste Magazine. “Since then, the container has morphed from a glass, almost beer-looking shape to the striking red wraparound of today. The constant after 100 years? The cursive font, indicative of an American classic that’s never gone out of style.”

Your brand signatures should carry your products through the long haul. With an industrial label printer, companies can take control of their marketing efforts and articulate their identity in memorable, striking ways. 

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