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Ontario Winery Fights For The Right To Advertise Origin

Location, location, location doesn’t just matter if you are buying a house. It’s also important information for wine connoisseurs. As any sommelier will tell you, the region a wine hails from matters a great deal to your taste buds. It’s not just the type of grape that determines flavor – everything from the climate to the makeup of the soil plays an important role.

But what if you didn’t know where a particular bottle was made? You might be less likely to purchase it. This was the problem an Ontario winery recently faced.

The region from which a wine hails matters a great deal to your taste buds.

CTV News reports that Old Third Vineyard, which has operated on the western side of Prince Edward County for more than a decade, recently won the right to tout its location on its website. But thanks to rules set by the Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario, the winery still can’t disclose the origin of its wines on the bottles themselves.

That’s because the VQA is a voluntary membership organization that claims to monitor the quality of wines produced throughout Ontario. It does this by submitting each product to a tasting panel. Those wineries that do not want to participate in the group – such as Old Third Vineyard – are not able to advertise their location.

Of course, ever since the Ontario License Appeal Tribunal ruled that Old Third Vineyard can refer to its Prince Edward County home on its website, the winery has sought to further expand.

What this legal battle shows is that wine labels are valuable, and winemakers should put real thought into them. Durafast offers printing solutions to help you produce exactly what you are looking for. Contact us today!

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