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Making coffee labels for a specific brand as a trial

Give any business a long enough shelf life and they’ll most likely start to expand into other areas that at first may have seemed unlikely. Such seems to be the case for the Chipotle chain, which has usually stood for burritos but is adding coffee to its menu as part of an expansion into breakfast items, Nation’s Restaurant News reports.

According to the site, this is currently just an experiment and only available at the Chipotle location in the Baltimore International Airport, but all the same it carries with it the importance of forging a new identity for the company and brand. If your business has never been associated with this sort of beverage before, you might need coffee labels that both keep your shipments well-identified and prevent your workers from being confused when it comes to preparing the new goods for consumption.

Even if this is just a brief or special offering, these aspects of proper labeling can make these changes proceed more smoothly. However, it appears that this is not actually part of a larger plan to bring coffee to Chipotle locations across the country, according to statements made by the company’s founder Steve Ells, as recorded in the Wall Street Journal.

“I don’t think our customers are necessarily looking for a radically new menu item,” he said.

Whatever the results of this experiment, businesses should remember that making durable labels doesn’t just pertain to industrial chemicals and ingredients, but also for materials that will only be used for a limited time. Coupling legibility with a full list of instructions can also be a way to prevent mishaps and consumer injuries.

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