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Printer Spotlight: Epson’s ColorWorks GP-C831

Printer Spotlight: Epson’s ColorWorks GP-C831

In 2003, the United Nations introduced the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals to ensure employers, workers and the public were able to identify dangerous chemicals and other harmful substances. The GHS guidelines provide a standardized system of labeling for health, physical and environmental hazards that might pose a safety risk to those who come in contact with them.

When it comes to printing GHS large format drum and chemical labels, having the right production infrastructure is crucial. Any container that holds potentially dangerous substances must clearly display information about its contents, along with the corresponding GHS-approved imagery. For large-scale manufacturers, these HazCom requirements can be difficult to keep up with, especially in fast-paced production environments. That’s where Epson’s ColorWorks GP-C831 can help.

Epson’s ColorWorks GP-C831

The Epson GP-C831 drum label printer is specially designed for high-volume production environments, making it a great fit for industrial manufacturing companies and other enterprises that produce or handle hazardous substances. The ColorWorks GP-C831 is based on inkjet technology and is able to facilitate efficient, cost-effective printing of industrial-strength GHS labels with a high degree of detail.

Unlike standard product labels, GHS criteria requires companies to list a wide range of information that must be clear and easy to read, including product identifiers, pictograms, warning notices and supplier identifiers. The ColorWorks GP-C831’s eight-pin tractor feeder helps ensure the highest quality labels can be printed at high speeds and industrial volumes, earning it the distinction as the first inkjet printer to be BS5609 certified. Additionally, the printer’s precise label feeding technology can significantly reduce jamming, misalignment and smudging. The core features of the Epson ColorWorks GP-C831 include:

  • Industrial-strength MicroPiezo® inkjet printing technology
  • Print speeds of up to 16.5 pages/minute
  • Print resolution of 720 x 720 dpi
  • Printable area of up to 8 inches x 22 inches
  • Supports a range of media types and sizes
  • High quality CMYK-based inks
  • Fully networked USB/Ethernet printer

All GHS labels must be durable and fade resistant to fall into compliance with UN guidelines, as they will spend their entire lifespan in close proximity to corrosive substances. But thanks to Epson’s advanced DURABrite pigment inks, labels printed by the ColorWorks GP-C831 will have exceptional stability and resistance to water, chemicals, smudges and erosion. These powerful printing capabilities make the ColorWorks GP-C831 ideal for drum and large container applications, but it can also fit a variety of other production environments.

GHS labeling is crucial for ensuring the health and safety of workers and the general public.

Key Benefits

Epson’s ColorWorks GP-C831 label printer offers outstanding long-term performance, enhanced efficiency and cost-effective ink management. This model was designed to seamlessly operate for five years (or 600,000 prints) in high-volume production lines before needing any significant maintenance. The key benefits of deploying the ColorWorks GP-C831 include:

  • Superior reliability: This label printer was specifically designed for commercial environments, which is why it was built to be completely dust and water resistant. The ColorWorks GP-C831 is also extremely durable, even in the harshest conditions, and will perform reliably with a total print volume of up to 1.2 million labels. What’s more, the print head was fabricated as a permanent fixture, meaning there is no need to invest in frequent replacements.
  • Exceptional ink quality: Like most inkjet printers, the ColorWorks GP-C831 uses pigment-based inks that are renowned for their staying power. The fast-drying ink is firmly bound to media substrates and can deliver high-quality color labels on plain and fine paper, polyester film and even synthetic materials.
  • Streamlined use and maintenance: As a fully networked label printer, the ColorWorks GP-C831 can be easily integrated into existing production infrastructures. The model’s advanced features, like its auto paper loading and release, allows users to quickly resolve jams and other printing errors. Overall, the ColorWorks GP-C831 can help commercial businesses increase productivity and reduce costly downtime.

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