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Printer Spotlight: Epson’s ColorWorks TM-C3500

Printer Spotlight: Epson’s ColorWorks TM-C3500

The industrial printer market is packed with high-end production equipment to choose from, but finding the perfect commercial solution can be challenging. There’s a lot to consider, from color performance and printing speed to the cost of replacement ink, so it pays to do a bit of research before you buy. If you’re planning to streamline your commercial printing operations, eliminate costly deficiencies and waste and produce high-quality, durable labels on-demand, Epson’s ColorWorks TM-C3500 might be the printer you’re looking for.

Why Choose An Epson Printer?

The Seiko Epson Corporation has been on the front lines of printer innovation for over 75 years and currently holds more than 50,000 patents for imaging and printing instruments used to this day. The company helped pioneer inkjet printing technologies, which have become a staple in personal, enterprise and industrial environments. Epson’s commitment to improving printer efficiency and reducing waste and material has helped the company build a reputation as one of the most consistent and reliable manufacturers on the market.

Epson’s ColorWorks TM-C3500 Inkjet Label Printer

Epson’s ColorWorks series was specifically designed for commercial printing operations that require consistent, high-quality color labels. The ColorWorks TM-C3500 inkjet is commonly used to print a range of dynamic product and ingredient labels, like those featured on packaged foods and beverages. However, this adaptable printer can also produce retail and inventory tags, name and ID badges, barcodes, GHS-compliant labels and more.

The ColorWorks TM-C3500 supports a variety of printing processes thanks to its customization features, which allow users to choose between die cut or continuous label production for a number of different substrates, including plain or fine paper, PET polyester film and synthetic materials. Unlike other industrial models, this printer contains a useful banding reduction mode and a nozzle check system that helps prevent some of the most common issues with commercial label assembly, such as jamming, streaking and misalignment. These versatile capabilities make the ColorWorks TM-C3500 a flexible and durable addition to any professional environment. Some of its core characteristics include:

  • Print resolution up to 360 x 720 dpi
  • High-quality four-color inkjet printing in CMYK
  • Individual ink cartridges for cost-effective use
  • Print speeds of up to 4 inches/second
  • Adjustable for 1.2 to 4.4 inch-wide labels
  • Rear-feed for fanfold and large substrate rolls

Epson TM-C3500 printers are great for creating eye-catching labels with peak resolution and vivid colors, but they’re best suited to high mix, low volume applications. Industrial-scale printing operations that depend on high yields and rapid production should consider a specialized alternative, like the Afinia L801 memjet label printer. That said, small businesses and mid-sized facilities that need to produce a host of different label and tag types will appreciate the versatility of the ColorWorks TM-C3500, as its ability to print durable, smudge-free color labels is unmatched in the broader marketplace. The pigment-based ink also makes this model ideal for printing BS5609-certified labels that are regularly exposed to harsh conditions and potentially corrosive substances, including water, oils, UV light and chemicals.

The ColorWorks TM-C3500 can print high resolution graphics on a range of common substrates.

The core benefits of deploying the Epson ColorWorks TM-C3500 inkjet label printer include:

  • Superior print and ink quality: Epson’s patented MicroPiezo® inkjet technology is known for producing crisp and easy-to-read text, vibrant graphics and long-lasting barcodes on a variety of media. Whether you print on plain, matte or glossy substrates, the TM-C3500 will deliver consistent results.
  • Reliable and flexible performance: The printer’s compact and rugged design makes it a reliable choice for harsh operational environments. The TM-C3500 is dust and water resistant, and has an MTBF of over 88,000 hours. Additionally, this model is a fully networked device and supports all major label applications.
  • Significantly lower costs: The ColorWorks TM-C3500 uses individual color cartridges to ensure your material costs are low and your use of ink is efficient. This printer can also help reduce your power consumption, as it runs on an average 30W while printing and 2.5W in standby mode.

Bottom line: Epson’s ColorWorks TM-C3500 is an efficient printing solution for high mix, low volume operations looking for reliable performance, compact footprints, vibrant color labels and low maintenance costs.

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