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Printer Spotlight: Epson’s ColorWorks TM-C7500 & TM-C7500G

Printer Spotlight: Epson’s Colorworks TM-C7500 & TM-C7500G

Are you looking for a high-speed printer that can reliably produce vibrant, full-color labels? The modern printer market is filled with commercial printing solutions to choose from, which can make it difficult to narrow down your options and locate the best fit for your production environment. Balancing cost and quality can be a real challenge, as nearly all manufacturers promise exceptional performance and high-volume printing capabilities. But if you’re interested in getting the most value out of your investment, Epson’s ColorWorks series of inkjet printers may be the right choice.

Why Choose Epson’s TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G Printers?

When it comes to color printing, Epson’s inkjet solutions rank among the best on the open market. In particular, the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G printers can provide businesses of all sizes with durable, high resolution labels that are aesthetically pleasing and fully customizable. Whether you’re creating plain, matte or synthetic product labels, these printers can deliver the outstanding quality you’re looking for. What’s more, the TM-C7500G is specifically designed to support glossy print media, making it a go-to choice for producing vibrant, shiny labels that your customers will enjoy. These printers are often used to create eye-catching labels for:

  • Food products
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dietary supplements
  • E-cigarettes and vape juices
  • Cosmetics and skin care

No matter what types of products you’re selling, Epson’s ColorWorks series can provide the reliable printing infrastructure you need to ensure your post-production strategy remains affordable and efficient. But to understand why the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G printers may be the perfect fit, let’s take a closer look at the features offered by these printing solutions.

Inkjet technology offers exceptional full-color printing at high resolutions.

Core Features of the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G Printers

Epson’s ColorWorks series is a solid addition to any business looking to print vibrant, full-color labels at a sustainable pace. The TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G offer print resolutions up to 600 x 1200 dpi, with print speeds as high as 11.8 inches per second. Some of the core features of these printers include:

  • Exceptional color printing: Generally speaking, inkjet printers are better suited to full-color printing environments than alternative methods like thermal transfer and electrostatic (laser) applications. Both the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G use a CMYK color model to produce vivid product labels that will stand out on retail shelves, as they are capable of accurately printing a wide range of custom colors.
  • Fast print speeds: Epson’s ColorWorks series is more than twice as fast as most thermal transfer printers and is able to produce full-color labels at a rapid pace without sacrificing print quality. This is achieved through Epson’s PrecisionCore technology and its fast-drying color inks, which are quite unique within the broader marketplace. What’s more, the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G allow for high-yield printing with lower energy consumption than other toner-based systems.
  • Printing software integration: One of the most convenient features of Epson’s ColorWorks series printers is that the setup disk includes a variety of drivers for popular label design and printing software, including NiceLabel, CODESOFT and more. This makes it easy to integrate the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G into your existing printing infrastructure, allowing for less downtime during installation.

The primary differentiator between these two models is that the TM-C7500G is designed for glossy print media in addition to more traditional substrates. This makes the TM-C7500G a lucrative option for businesses that want a full-spectrum color printer that can be adapted to the widest range of products and production scenarios.

One of the biggest challenges of purchasing a new label printer is the high upfront costs, as both the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G typically sell for upwards of $10,000 from most vendors. While this price point may be affordable for larger operations, some small businesses may have a difficult time absorbing the expenses. It’s also important to consider the back-end supply and maintenance costs, such as replacement inks, label stock and on-site services. So how can companies secure top-of-the-line color printing technologies without breaking the bank?

Save Big With DuraFast’s Limited Promotion

Starting July 1, 2019, the DuraFast Label Company will be offering all online customers a promotional deal on the TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G printers. For a limited time, both Epson ColorWorks models can be purchased for the low price of $6,995 through the DuraFast U.S. store or Canada page, amounting to more than $1,500 in direct savings. But that’s not all:

  • Customers who purchase a TM-C7500 or TM-C7500G during the promotion will receive $1,000 in free labels.
  • Forward-thinking businesses can also secure onsite service and support for an additional cost of $1029.95 per year (for a maximum of four years), which will cover all parts and labor charges.

There’s never been a better time to modernize your printing infrastructure and take advantage of industry-leading inkjet printing solutions. To learn more, visit our product pages for Epson’s ColorWorks TM-C7500 and TM-C7500G printers!

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