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Industrial Labels

Why makers and manufacturers need in-house printers

Starting a business comes with its share of challenges, especially when you’re manufacturing a product. You may devote all of your time and energy to making sure that the goods deliver on value propositions like flavor, effectiveness, potency or durability. Whether you’re producing food, cosmetics or chemicals for sale, development and quality control are important areas of focus when you’re just getting off the ground. 

However, the next important step is marketing. Packaging your products in a way that interests and engages the public is the best way to ensure that all your hard work in the beginning pays off. An eye-catching label design can draw positive attention to your brand and help it stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Entrepreneurs also need to be sure their products observe and obey regulations for whatever industry they belong to. For foods, this can mean nutrition information, ingredient lists and origin facts. For chemicals, this means respecting the label requirements set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

The only way to ensure the aesthetic and public service value of labels is to devote significant resources to making them great. Many young companies outsource their labeling needs to third parties, which can be costly and fraught with production delays. When businesses invest in industrial label printers, they take their marketing efforts into their own hands and gain total control over how their products are presented to the public. 

At DuraFast, we carry a variety of solutions for companies of many different sizes. Visit our online store today to browse our selection of color printers and other materials. Whether you need to print medical device labels, specialty food labels or cosmetic labels, we carry a printer designed to fit your needs. 

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