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Proper fertilizer labels needed to reduce potential harm

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Whether it happens to crops or people, danger can lurk around every corner when improperly labeled fertilizer products are put into use, and may require sufficient warnings to keep all handlers wary of the potential hazards that they are exposing themselves to.

The news source Quartz recently ran a story on a series of international research projects’ attempt to find an alternative to the more hazardous types of materials currently used in fertilizer chemicals. Millions of dollars have been invested in a hunt across the globe for a type of bacteria that might be used to engineer plants and allow them to survive without potentially for harming humans.

On the official website for the project, researcher Maren Friesen described the benefits that could be had in harnessing this organism to circumvent the problems inherent in other sources. This is a part of the process that could allow plants to interact with nitrogen in a healthy way.

“Rediscovering this bacterium, or ones with similar properties, would be a game-changer. It contains an unusual system for fixing nitrogen in the presence of oxygen, which could be a missing piece in the puzzle for creating nitrogen-fixing plants,” Friesen said.

But while these efforts are still in the making, it’s important for companies to consider the aspects of their product that might leave dangerous amounts of methane present that could affect the safety levels observed in storage areas, processing plants and transportation vehicles. Strong, accurate agricultural labels should be sought after for the greater well-being of everyone involved with the process of growing crops.

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