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Why White Ink Is Becoming More Popular

We know that attractive, well-designed labels can pull in customer attention and boost product sales. But designing an eye-catching label isn’t just about using the brightest colors. While this is certainly one potential strategy, there are also designs that call for more subtle additions.

For instance, one growing trend spotted at Labelexpo this year is the growing use of white ink in digitally-printed labels. 

Why white ink? At first glance, the notion probably seems absurd. After all, a lot of label stock is already white to begin with, so why should printers waste ink to print the same color? But, as it turns out, this color can make a great deal of difference when properly applied.

Designing an eye-catching label isn’t just about using the brightest colors.

“It is not as much about the color white as it is about the opacity capability,” Mike Ferrari, an industry consultant, told Packaging Digest. “This is needed when using a clear label or clear film for a bag. White high opacity ink is necessary to block the contents from the print. When white ink is not so opaque the printed graphics look dull or gray.”

In a way, it’s similar to how one might paint a wall in a home. First, you apply primer. Once that dries, you can add whichever color paint you choose without worrying about it being affected by the wall underneath. The use of white ink may actually help manufacturers create labels that use even brighter, more attractive colors.

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