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Will A French Food Label Experiment Become A Worldwide Trend?

Governments around the world are focused on helping their citizens lead healthier lives. In order to cut down obesity rates and health care costs, countries as passing new laws to require clearer food labels that will help shoppers make healthier choices for themselves and their families.

In the U.S., for instance, the Food and Drug Administration recently finalized changes to Nutrition Facts labels, which will emphasize the presence of added sugars, sodium and fat types. But while certain font sizes will be larger and bolder on the finished labels, the end result will not be radically different than what came before.

Countries as passing new laws to require clearer food labels.

Meanwhile, the French Health Ministry appears to be taking a larger step forward. Politico reports that the country plans to experiment with a color-coded labeling system.

Food items that are lower in salt, sugar and fat will receive green labels, while foods with unhealthy ingredients will be marked in deep red. The idea is to create a system that gives the shopper immediate feedback as they wander store aisles.

There are still many hurdles for this experiment to overcome before it becomes a permanent solution. Not only does it have to prove its worth to the French government, but it will also need to be approved by the European Commission.

If that happens, firms that sell food and beverages globally will have to adjust. In addition, other nations may consider adopting similar rules, forcing companies to redesign their labels.

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