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Industrial Labels

Act quickly to ensure GHS compliance

Organizations whose employees work with or transport potentially dangerous chemicals need to make every effort to ensure that they are compliant with the latest regulations. To ensure safe handling of chemical drums and barrels, a set of international labeling standards has been adopted. These define what information the label must include, as well as the durability and readability of the label itself. 

British Maritime Standards (BS5609) require that labels be able to withstand a three-month salt water submersion, which conventional labels simply can’t accomplish. Labels must also be able to undergo artificial weathering, tape removal and abrasion testing to be compliant. 

Fortunately, Durafast offers a number of printing solutions that are capable of supporting GHS labeling

The Afinia R635 offers exceptional value for its label production quality. Capable of outputting BS5609-compliant labels, the Afinia R635 is particularly robust thanks to the included Afinia EDGE2Print software. It is capable of producing GHS labels up to 8.5 inches at a rate of 30 feet per minute. 

The Primera CX1000 Digital Color Label printer and Primera CX1200 Digital Color Label Press represent the speed, print quality and ease of use you would expect out of a next-generation printer, at an affordable cost. Capable of rapidly producing GHS labeling at a rate of 16.25 feet per minute, the solution also accepts 12-inch diameter rolls, allowing you to print approximately 1250 feet at a time.

The iSys Edge 850 printing solution is capable of print speeds up to 14.2 feet per minute, making printing BS5609-compliant labels easy. It represents a cost-effective means of avoiding significant fines and eliminates the need for ordering expensive pre-printed labels.

Don’t let labeling compliance challenges dull your organization’s competitive edge. Contact Durafast today!

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