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American Medical Association calls for regulatory oversight of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, sales have exceeded even optimistic sales expectations. According to researchers, many long-time smokers are making the switch, drawn to the new technology’s convenience and discretion. E-cigarettes are non-combustible, release no smoke or smell, and can be found being sold by an ever-increasing number of retailers.

However, the American Medical Association (AMA) has voiced its concerns about these products in the past. Yesterday, on November 10, the AMA again reinforced its support of regulatory oversight of electronic cigarettes.

The AMA issued a release calling for regulators to “establish the minimum legal purchase age for electronic cigarettes of 18 years old, place marketing restrictions on manufacturers, and prohibit claims that electronic cigarettes are effective tobacco cessation tools.”

“The AMA encourages the FDA to act swiftly to assert jurisdiction over electronic cigarettes and issue regulations regarding their manufacture and prohibiting their marketing and sale, particularly to youth and current nonsmokers,” AMA Member William E. Kobler, M.D was quoted in the release. 

The AMA argues that not enough research has been performed on electronic cigarettes to ensure their safety and efficacy. The agency also believes that current e-cigarette labeling and marketing collateral do not do enough to convince consumers of their potential risks, and may be too appealing to minors. 

As a result, organizations that have capitalized on the soaring popularity of e-cigarettes need to be able to react rapidly to any changes in labeling regulation in order to avoid significant penalties or losses in productivity.

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