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Growing an eCommerce Business? You’ll Need Box Labels

Box Label

Box labels serve many purposes. One main purpose is to show what the box contains. But for eCommerce businesses, box labels also make it fast and easy to ship orders and delight customers with quick turnarounds.

But with that comes many questions. Such as, how can I ship items without going to the post office? And when does it make sense to purchase a shipping label printer?

Learn what you need to know about operating an eCommerce business and shipping your goods with ease using high-quality labels.

How to Use Box Labels in eCommerce Business

label box

Box labels are an essential part of an eCommerce business. When you’re first getting started, you might print them on standard printer paper and just tape them on the box. But while this is the less expensive option, it is more time-consuming and the customer experience will not be as good as if you were to print true labels.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you can use box labels to grow an eCommerce business.

1. Brand Standard White or Brown Boxes, Envelopes or Mailers

Branded boxes, envelopes and mailers are expensive and you often have to buy them in bulk, which can be challenging when you are in the early days of your business. 

Using labels can help you customize your mailing supplies at an affordable rate. It will provide a decent customer experience that helps consumers remember your brand and hopefully purchase from you again.

And in a sense, the package becomes an advertising tool when it sits on people’s porches because neighbors will see your branding as they are walking by. Leaving your packaging plain is a missed opportunity in growing your business.

2. Keep Bulk Products Organized

Inventory management can be challenging, especially if you have limited storage space. Print clear, bold labels for boxes and containers to help with getting orders out quickly and reducing your frustration in managing the business.

Printing new labels as new products arrive or as you manufacture them will be an ongoing need. Creating a simple process for this and having the tools to print on demand can help make inventory and order processing run smoothly.

3. Indicate Usage Instructions for Customers or Share a Message

While you can place a loose-leaf instruction manual or message within your packaging, you might want to stick it somewhere the user will see it and not accidentally throw it away with tissue paper or other packaging materials.

For boxes with a lid that opens, placing a message or instruction on the inside of the lid can create a unique customer experience. And you’ll want to use a label for this so that you don’t have to tape it to the box. 

Or much like you’ve branded the outside of your box with labels, you can brand the inside or build the hype with short messages on each box flap.

4. Provide Shipping Information

Shipping labels have many considerations. You must include your name, address and contact information and the receiver’s name and address. But don’t forget the ship date, shipping class and tracking information.

When designing your shipping label, keep in mind that it must have a legible font size. And to ensure your package gets where it needs to go, the label must be in a clear, logical location. Printing on the right labels will also ensure that you don’t end up with smears or smudges that prevent the package from making it to its final destination.



Shipping Items Without Going to the Post Office

Technology has enabled people to mail from their homes. Now you can purchase labels through USPS, UPS and FedEx. Businesses are no longer taking truckloads full of packages to shipping stores, which means you don’t have to do that even if you just ship half a dozen packages a week.

Create an account with your shipping company of choice to purchase labels online. You can buy your labels based on shipping weight or flat rates, such as in the case of USPS Priority Mail. 

And once you get through the online process, you print the information onto a label so that all you have to do is peel, stick and mail the package. Many services even allow you to schedule pickups for packages from your doorstep adding even greater convenience. 

Some eCommerce website tools allow you to print shipping labels based on the options and information your customers input. That means that you can ship economy for those who want it and overnight when a customer needs their products fast.

Look for website plugins and extensions based on the shipping options you want to offer your customers.

Box Labels for Amazon Shipments

box label

Amazon fulfillment services can aid you in managing the day-to-day shipping needs of your business. But one of the biggest challenges of using Amazon fulfillment services is meeting the strict requirements for labeling products.

Amazon can warehouse, ship and handle all customer service inquiries for eCommerce businesses. All you have to do is ship your products to Amazon’s fulfillment center. You won’t have to meet minimum order requirements or pay large fees upfront. But you do need to meet all labeling requirements to make Amazon’s job simpler.

Labels must include the following information and formatting guidelines:

  • Be legible and easy to read
  • Sets or products sold in multiples must indicate such with labels that include “sold as a set” or “do not separate”
  • Perishable items must have clear expiration dates on the packaging
  • Glass items must have a fragile label
  • All product packaging must be securely closed with tape, glue or tuck top boxes.
  • Product boxes should not collapse when pressure is applied to any side. Heavy-duty boxes will serve your company best.

Print box labels for your products based on Amazon’s requirements. Even if you manage 50 different products, you can easily print labels as you need them to avoid large upfront costs of ordering these products in bulk from a supplier.

When Should I Start Using a Shipping Label Printer?

You’ll need to start using a shipping label printer once your order volume or order surges increase to the point where taping on printed labels becomes too cumbersome. 

For example, some products have a seasonality to them. If you see large product orders during a season when you can’t meet fulfillment promises during those times of the year, it’s time for a shipping label printer.

Or, if you’re getting to the point of evaluating hiring an order fulfillment assistant, the better move might be to purchase a printer. This is likely the far more economical option. It includes a larger upfront cost, but over time, the label printer will cost less than paying someone to handle printing, cutting and taping labels manually.

Still unsure about whether a label printer and box labels are the best moves for you? Chat with our team or call 866-299-0066. The DuraFast Label Company team will be happy to answer your questions and serve as a resource for your growing eCommerce business.

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